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One of the local contractors in Chesapeake that you can hire for a salt/sanding job is Champion Land & Lawn. For years, we have been the choice of many homeowners in the Greater Chesapeake area because of our years of experience in snow and ice management. Clients can rely on our expertise and ability to provide working solutions to their snow or ice problems. We also offer prompt services regardless of the scope of the job or location of your property.

Contact us today for a free consultation. We will answer all your questions about our salt/sanding services and the rates that we charge for these services. If you're from Chesapeake, call us at (757) 436-0225 or (757) 328-087 and we'll clear your property of any snow or ice build-up. We also serve clients from Portsmouth, Norfolk, Suffolk, Hampton, Windsor, Franklin, Smithfield, and nearby areas.

Latest Salt and Sanding Equipment

The type of tools and equipment used by your contractors will greatly affect their efficiency when performing the snow or ice removal job. Only hire a service provider with complete equipment and properly trained crews. And here at Champion Land & Lawn, you are assured that we have all the tools and equipment for all kinds of snow removal jobs. We use the latest salt and sanding equipment to make our jobs easier and more efficient. We may use a walk-behind salt spreader for your walkways, sidewalks, and other hard-to-reach areas in your property. For larger paved areas such as driveways and courtyards, we will use a V-box hopper or tailgate spreader to get the job done fast. We also have brine sprayers, plows, blowers, and other snow removal tools. These tools and equipment are handled by our skilled and well-trained crews. With these tools, our salt/sanding application is done accurately and efficiently.

We Follow Proven Methods and Techniques

Some homeowners are concerned about the possible environmental effects of salt and sand. But here at Champion Land & Lawn, we only use and adopt industry-approved de-icing methods and techniques to avoid causing damage on landscape features and the environment. The salt/sanding method is still your best option after a heavy snowfall. When applied by professionals like us, it will speed up the melting process and prevent snow accumulation in your yard. Our people do not take shortcuts just to facilitate the completion of the job. They will go through each step with care and ensure that the entire process is done according to our strict quality standards.

Let us make your outdoors safer and free from any snow buildup by hiring our comprehensive snow and ice management services. We offer these services at client-friendly rates so you won’t have to worry about your budget. We also have enough manpower and available equipment for large residential properties. To ease your worries about a possible snow buildup in your property, you can get our services any time of the day or week. We will send our crews to your location complete with the right tools and equipment. From doing salt/sanding job to quickly removing and disposing snow from your property, you can always rely on us.

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