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Paver Patios

Paver Patios Chesapeake, VAPaver patios are features that can extend your indoor living room to your landscape. They can also enhance your property’s overall appeal since the materials normally used are attractive in nature such as bricks and stones. Finally, through careful construction and design, patios can help achieve a relaxing ambience that can turn an otherwise plain spot into the perfect area to relax and bond with loved ones and friends.

And when it comes to creating inspiring paver patios at a fraction of the cost charged by other contractors, Champion Land & Lawn is your best pick. We have successfully designed and installed countless patios using the finest pavers available from our partner suppliers. Our company is committed to providing topnotch services for residents of Chesapeake and other areas who want a world-class amenity in their backyard. We urge you to contact us soon so we can discuss your patio ideas and other concerns.

Custom Paver Patio Design

We have always maintained that paver patios must be indicative of the property owner’s personality and design taste. As such, we always strive to come up with original designs that take cue from our clients’ desires. Our personalized paver patio designs are thus noted for their unique appeal and specific functionalities defined by the clients’ specifications.

Accordingly, you may choose from these themes or design options for your paver patio:

  • Freestanding. This patio type is perfect if you desire a secluded spot from your house.
  • Wraparound. May be built around the back area and sides of the house. This type can dramatically enhance the aesthetics of your home when designed by professionals like us.
  • U-shaped/L-shaped. This is similar to the wraparound type but typically occupies smaller space.
  • Covered. As the name implies, this type has roofing and even covers for privacy and protection from the elements like sunlight, snow, and bugs.


Use of Top-Quality Pavers

One of the secrets to creating paver patios that will stay looking brand-new for decades is to use pavers from reputable manufacturers. We use only top-quality pavers for the patios we build since inferior materials will compromise the longevity of the patios. Since patios are constantly exposed to extreme temperatures and weather changes, they are prone to wear and tear. As such, the pavers we use are color fade resistant and durable. Moreover, the pavers we have also come in large selection of colors, sizes, and patterns, so it’s effortless to achieve a highly specific look.

Expert Installation of Paver Patios

How a patio is installed is as critical as just choosing which materials to use. Hence, it’s only wise to hire people like us to install your dream paver patio. We are experienced contractors with highly skilled patio installation crews.

As expert installers of paver patios, we always follow systematic procedures to ensure the reliability of these outdoor features. We begin each project by carefully preparing the area where the patio is to be built on. We then add the paver base materials such as soil and gravel. We also add sand and then carefully compact and grade the base according to pre-determined parameters. Afterwards, we place the pavers piece by piece, cutting them when needed. We then close the gaps with sand to avoid weed growth and to ensure snug fit between paver pieces. We also apply premium-quality sealant to help keep contaminants away and avoid damaging the paver surface.

Please call (757) 436-0225 or (757) 328-0870 for more details on our paver patio installation service.

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