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Mulching Chesapeake, VAPerforming periodic landscape maintenance is not an easy task for a homeowner like you. You have to take care of the turf, shrubs, trees and other types of plantings to ensure their health, proper growth and appeal. And one of the important maintenance tasks that you must not forget is mulch application. Mulching is necessary for the healthy growth of your plantings. It will also help minimize your irrigation needs since mulches retain soil moisture. Some mulch type will prevent weed growth, soil erosion, and pest infestation.

At Champion Land & Lawn, we can help you maintain the vibrant look of your garden by applying mulches on your perennials, shrubs and trees. We can provide any type of mulch that you may request and apply them on your garden at a minimal service fee. Your plants will greatly benefit from the mulches we apply since we follow systematic procedures and use efficient mulching methods. Please call us at (757) 436-0225 or (757) 328-087 so we can talk about your landscape's total mulch requirements. Don't worry if you're not residing in the Chesapeake area since we also cover nearby areas such as Portsmouth, Norfolk, Suffolk, Windsor, Franklin, Hampton, and Smithfield.

Top-quality Mulches

As our valued client, you are assured of top-quality mulches. Our mulches are carefully selected and sourced from reliable suppliers in the state. We can also provide any quantity or type of mulch that you prefer. We may use organic or inorganic mulches, depending on your preference and landscape's need. The mulching materials that we offer are packed in bags or delivered in bulk if you have a large landscaped area.

Here are some of the mulches that we may use on your garden or landscaping:

  • Compost. Use compost if you want to improve the fertility of your garden soil. It is a mixture of decomposed organic ingredients, which can provide vital nutrients such as nitrogen and carbon. You may need to apply this type of mulch more often.
  • Wood chips. This is a good type of mulching material since it has the capacity to absorb and hold moisture. It can also be used for decorative purposes because of its color. If you opt for wood chips, choose cedar or cypress. 
  • Shredded bark. Bark mulch is available in different colors, which are great if you want to enhance the appeal of your entire landscaping. Some of the popular bark mulches include pine, cedar, hemlock, and spruce. Cedar is an excellent choice but cost higher than other types of bark mulches.


Other organic mulches that can be used on your gardens include pine straw, chopped cocoa bean hulls, grass clippings, and sawdust. We may also use pebble/gravel mulch in some areas of the garden. This option will not provide additional nutrients to your plantings but greatly helps in preventing weed growth and providing texture and color to your landscape setup.

Efficient Mulch Application

At Champion Land & Lawn, we ensure the efficient application of your mulches. We apply them evenly on the topsoil to ensure maximum coverage. Our well-experienced crews use appropriate tools so the work is completed faster without causing any damage to your flower gardens and other types of landscape plantings. We can also use the mulches to create drama on your landscape by using colored mulches.

For reliable mulching services, contact Champion Land & Lawn today.

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