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Leaf Removal

Leaf Removal Chesapeake, VAOne thing that you must do to keep your yard looking spic and span is to regularly remove fallen leaves, especially during the fall season. Yard cleanups must be done on a regular basis to prevent leaves from rotting and causing pungent smell that could turn off your guests or cause headaches. Piles of uncollected leaves could also attract pests and diseases. But while it is tempting to save some dollars and clean up the leaves on your own, leaf removal jobs are best given to professional lawn care companies who can complete the task faster and dispose of the collected leaves properly.

At Champion Land & Lawn, we specialize in providing affordable leaf removal services for owners of commercial and residential properties. We have made countless Virginia clients happy with the quality of our work and the speed by which we complete the tasks assigned to us.  Additionally, we offer a free cost estimate so you will have an idea of the amount that you will spend on the yard cleanup services. We serve Chesapeake, Windsor, Smithfield, and other areas nearby. If you wish to inquire about our rates or get our services, please call (757) 436-0225 or (757) 328-0870. We’d be happy to work for you soon.

Professional Leaf Removal Service

There are a lot of companies offering leaf removal, so you must choose the best service provider. Now if you want to be sure of positive results, then we are the best option for you. We do it systematically, meticulously, and with careful attention to the smallest details. When we perform this task, we ensure that all the landscape features are taken care of. Moreover, we do it fast but efficiently so you won’t be inconvenienced. Our properly trained crews are very professional, so you’re assured of smooth handling of your leaf removal needs.

Ideally, you should have your yard cleaned of fallen leaves during autumn. However, you can have your lawn cleaned of piles of leaves when desired. Our team would be at your property in no time after you call us for a leaf removal schedule.

Complete Leaf Removal Tools

We have complete tools and equipment that make our job easier and more efficient. Some of the ones that we use when we do leaf removal jobs are blowers, vacuums, baggers, rakes, sweepers, scoops, and pickup tools. With such tools and equipment, our work proceeds smoothly. After completing the task, our crews will load the collected waste into our truck for transport to a nearby composting facility or other similar waste-disposal areas.

Affordable Leaf Removal Rates

We can offer you the lowest leaf removal rates that would leave your pockets happy. Before work begins, we tell clients how much they would pay based on the total area that we have to clear. This way, they would know if the rate we gave them fits their budget or if we have to make adjustments on our quotation to accommodate their budget limits.

Meanwhile, we urge you to hire our comprehensive lawn care service to ensure a spic and span lawn all year round. It’s a truly hassle-free set of services that would take care of all your lawn maintenance-related needs. Please call us soon!

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