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French Drains and other Drianage Installations

Drainage Chesapeake, VADrainage systems are vital features in any property whether residential or commercial. They are primarily meant to prevent standing water, which is not only unappealing but also a potential breeding ground for mosquitoes. Additionally, proper drainage helps keep soil from eroding since water does not stay stationary. Lastly, having the right drainage system will prevent damage to your building’s foundation and landscape features.

For all these benefits, drainage systems must be well-planned and installed by expert people like the ones we have at Champion Land & Lawn. We design and install French drains and other drainage types, which all cater to the needs of the property and adhere to local regulations. Our company has installed and completed numerous projects in Portsmouth, Hampton, Chesapeake, and other nearby VA areas. If you wish to learn how we design French drains and other drainage installations, feel free to call us at (757) 436-0225 or (757) 328-0870.

Why Install French Drains?

It is common in residential properties to have French drains and other drainage installations. However, most clients and contractors prefer French drains because of their ease of installation, simplistic design, and proven efficiency. They are known to effectively divert rain or flood water away from structures through hollow pipes (typically perforated) that are placed beneath a bed of gravel or rock. The trench is dug following a gently sloping downward direction to let gravity perform much of the drainage work.

French drains are normally used on areas where there’s a surface water problem that leads to damp lawns and concrete surfaces with puddles. They are also ideal if the basement gets flooded or wet due to water seeping into it or when a retaining wall is being built on an area close to a slope.

Other Types of Drainage Installations

Aside from French drains, our company also installs other types of drainage systems that clients need for their residential properties or landscaped areas. Here are some of the drainage installations that we can work on:

  • Downspout. This drainage option is an economical way to direct water from your roof down to a specific area in your lawn. We use premium quality materials to ensure that the system can handle large quantity of rainwater.
  • Dry well. Dry well systems are considered great alternatives to French drains as they release water runoff and ultimately recycle the runoff into the groundwater area. They are also said to be more environment-friendly and cheaper to install compared to French drains.
  • Sub-surface drainage. The system alleviates saturation in lawns, garden areas, and other spots in the landscape and diverts excess water to a safe spot. This prevents puddles from forming and causing problems like mosquito infestation and soil erosion due to saturation.


Highly Efficient Drainage Systems

The French drains and other drainage installations that we design are reliable and highly efficient. We guarantee efficient designs, use quality materials, and perform quality installation from start to finish. We have complete equipment to carry out fast drainage installation such as excavator, loader, bulldozer, and scraper. Moreover, we use only top-quality materials in all the drainage works that we handle to provide our clients with drainage systems that would offer decades of benefits without having to be repaired or maintained frequently.

So if you want reliable drainage systems, just contact Champion Land & Lawn. We’d be happy to install highly efficient French drains and other drainage installations in your property.

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