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Curb Appeal

The One Sure Fire Way To Sell Your
House 50% Faster In This Real Estate

The Gallup Organization polled new homeowners of both existing homes and new homes and found that landscaping adds 14.9% to the value or selling price of their home on the average. 95% of real estate appraisers agreed that landscaping adds to the dollar value of residential real estate.

86% said that landscaping adds to the dollar value of commercial real estate. Not only does landscaping add on an average 14.9% to the value of a home, it helps screen unpleasant sights and sounds, cleanses the air by absorbing ozone and producing oxygen, in addition to helping to keep temperatures down.

Landscaping can have a recovery value as high as 200% if correctly done.
75% of home buyers first impressions are made by what is called "Curb Appeal" of a property. That is... the way a home looks from the street first. First impressions can only be made once.

Being a homeowner can be one of the most gratifying things for an individual, but unfortunately recent trends show that the housing market has begun to weaken. If you are a homeowner that is planning on staying in your home for a while, this may not be as big of a deal, but if you are one of the many homeowners' who need to sell their home, the current climate can be frustrating.

One of the most successful ways to achieve a quicker sale is to boost your home's curb appeal. Whether your landscape is overgrown or lacking, the investment to hire a professional to design or revamp your landscaping can pay off as much as 10% to 15% on the selling price of your home. A well landscaped home sells six weeks sooner on average.

Landscaping is a good thing, but sometimes less is more. Most landscaping requires at least minimal care. Trimming, fertilizing, and removing plants that are either dead or way past their prime can make a huge difference on the look of your home. This can be one of the most affordable ways to add some curb appeal.

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