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Aerating and Seeding

Aerating & Seeding Chesapeake, VAAerating and seeding are two vital lawn maintenance tasks that must be handled by professional landscapers like us at Champion Land & Lawn. These maintenance tasks require technical knowledge, experience, and task-appropriate tools to ensure positive results. We usually include them in our comprehensive lawn maintenance package, but clients can still call us for a lawn seeding job or let us perform core aeration on their existing turf. We offer these two services at affordable rates without compromising work quality. Dial our hotline today so we can start discussing your lawn care needs. We serve clients from the Greater Chesapeake area, including Portsmouth, Norfolk, Suffolk, Windsor, Franklin, Hampton, and Smithfield.

The Benefits of Aerating Your Turf

Core aeration offers great benefits to your lawn. The process will help revitalize your turf by allowing nutrients, water, and oxygen to get deeper to the root zone. As a result, your grass will have a stronger root system and look more vibrant. Aerating is also effective in reducing thatch accumulation and alleviating soil compaction. Compacted soil prevents the healthy growth of your grass because it hinders the proper circulation of air, water, and nutrients within the soil.

However, aeration should be done at the right time and interval to achieve these benefits. For best results, perform aeration in early spring or fall for cool season grass and late spring for warm season grass. An aerator machine is also needed to make the task easier. But why spend much of your time doing this task if you can just let professionals like us perform the core aeration job? We have performed this lawn care task countless times for our Virginia clients, so we can assure you of outstanding outcomes regardless of the size of your lawn. You can also get a thicker and greener lawn by letting us perform aerating and seeding at the same time. 

Seeding Performed by Experienced Crews

If you want an excellently seeded lawn, call us at Champion Land & Lawn. We apply the right seeding methods and techniques to achieve the highest seed germination rate. Proper preparation of the area is also a major factor in new lawn installation. We make sure that the soil is freshly prepared, tilled, firm, free from weeds, and wet but not soaked. Once we achieve the perfect soil condition, we then proceed to the planting stage. For existing lawns with bare spots or thin turf areas, our recommended solution is aerating and seeding.

Our company uses premium-quality seeds on all our lawn installation projects, whether in residential or commercial properties. Another reason why we are quite efficient in this task is our use of modern tools and equipment. We may use hydroseeding equipment for large lawn installation or an overseeding machine for existing lawns. All our equipment and tools are handled by well-experienced crews, so you are assured that the task is performed accurately and efficiently.

We can also introduce new grass varieties if you are planning a lawn renovation project. Some of the turf varieties that we recommend include rye grass, fescue, and blue grass. Contact us now at (757) 436-0225 or (757) 328-087 and let us prove to you why we are the top choice of most homeowners when it comes to aerating and seeding jobs.

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